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Kobe Bryant 24/8 | Poster

Kobe Bryant 24/8 | Poster

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"Kobe Bryant 24/8" is a print that encapsulates the relentless pursuit of excellence of the late, great Kobe Bryant. Swathed in the Lakers' iconic colors, the artwork features Kobe in a stance of quiet determination, surrounded by a halo of golden basketballs—a nod to his storied career and championships.

The vibrant purple backdrop splits to reveal a glimpse of Kobe's two legendary numbers, 24 and 8, representing the duality of his evolving career and constant evolution as a player and a person. The electric aura that frames him is a visual representation of his impact both on the court and beyond.

"Kobe Bryant 24/8" is a tribute to a sports icon whose spirit transcends the game, making it an essential piece for fans, collectors, and admirers of relentless ambition and legacy.

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