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Sho Nuff vs Bruce Leroy | Poster

Sho Nuff vs Bruce Leroy | Poster

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Witness the epic clash where the worlds of "The Last Dragon" and the iconic Street Fighter video game collide in this print. This electric poster brings to life the ultimate face-off between Sho'Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem, and Bruce Leroy, The Grandmaster. Rendered in the dynamic pixel-art style of a classic fighting game, this artwork captures the intensity and bravado of their legendary battle, set against the familiar backdrop of Daddy Green’s Pizza.

Sho'Nuff, cloaked in his unmistakable red glow, embodies the raw aggression and larger-than-life persona that has captivated audiences, while Bruce Leroy stands aglow with the golden light of a true martial arts master, the embodiment of calm and collected power. With health bars at critical levels, the scene is set for a final bout that will determine the true master of martial arts in Harlem.

Perfect for gamers and movie buffs alike, this poster is a nostalgia-triggering piece that combines '80s cinema with arcade excitement, inviting onlookers to "insert coin" and relive the adventure. Hang it up and let the spirit of competition and the quest for the Glow infuse your space with the thrill of the fight.

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