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Sho Nuff's Hands | Poster

Sho Nuff's Hands | Poster

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Emanating the fiery ferocity of Harlem's self-proclaimed Shogun, this "Sho'nuff" poster captures the raw intensity of the ultimate nemesis from the cult classic, "The Last Dragon." Swathed in sinister reds and electrifying bolts, it personifies the overwhelming aura of a villain who is as charismatic as he is formidable.

The image seizes the essence of Sho'nuff's larger-than-life presence, with eyes that burn with the fire of ambition and power. This isn't just a piece of memorabilia; it's an adrenaline rush on canvas, a stark reminder of the unforgettable showdowns and the pulsating rhythm of 1980s street bravado.

Hang this poster as a tribute to the epic saga of good versus evil, or as a stark emblem of the Shogun of Harlem's relentless spirit. It’s a bold statement piece for any fan of the era's unique blend of martial arts, music, and fashion, immortalizing the legendary antagonist who demanded to know, "Who's the master?"

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