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Stacey Abrams | Harriet Tubman | "Follow The Leader" | Coffee Mug

Stacey Abrams | Harriet Tubman | "Follow The Leader" | Coffee Mug

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This impactful coffee mug showcases the inspiring artwork titled "Follow the Leader," featuring a vivid depiction of Stacey Abrams and Harriet Tubman, two influential figures in the fight for voting rights and social justice. Stacey Abrams is portrayed in a modern setting, symbolizing her efforts to promote voting access and political engagement, while Harriet Tubman appears as a guiding spirit from history, underscoring her role in leading people to freedom and fighting for equality.

The scene is set against a backdrop of a voting station, emphasizing the ongoing struggle for voting rights and the importance of participation in democracy. This powerful imagery not only honors their contributions but also inspires continued advocacy and leadership in social issues. Perfect for anyone passionate about history, civil rights, and the power of individual impact in shaping society, this mug serves as a daily reminder of the courage and determination that drive meaningful change.

.: Black ceramic
.: 11 oz 
.: Rounded corners
.: C-handle

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